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"Christine is a gifted, charismatic speaker and compassionate, dedicated coach. She helps women get out of overwhelm, self-doubt and teaches you a new way of achieving your dreams and goals, so you feel fulfilled in all areas of your lives both professionally and personally! ”       

  - Dr. Roopa Chari, Chari Center of Health

"Thank you for your amazing Radiant Achievement VIP program. My expectations were exceeded! I was able to move past roadblocks that I have been holding on to for way too long.  You helped me to find my own power and gave me a doable plan of action."       - Heather, Business Owner


"Chris is caring and helpful.  Also very functional and focused. I would recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for extra help setting up and living the life they want."                        - Scott, founder of Funk Puppies Band

"I loved working with Chris! She is a warm and encouraging spirit and has great insights in her coaching. Working with Chris I was able to see a real shift, especially in my confidence. She truly embodies the Radiant Achievement she teaches!" 

  - Michelle Dransart
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Does this describe you?

 - You feel on track or stressed, overwhelmed or frenzied  

 - You feel like something missing in your life  

 - The REAL YOU is missing in your life

Or are you feeling motivated to bring a dream to life and you are:

- Not sure where to start?

- Feeling you are working hard to make something happen?

- Feeling like there is a better way to pursue your dreams?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then....

it's time to activate your  RADIANT ACHIEVEMENT

I Can Help You To

Get Out of Frenzy,

Step Into Flow, &

Live A Radiantly Fulfilling, 

Turned-On Life!