​​Christine Howard

CHRISTINE HOWARD is a recognized and respected business leader dedicated to creating transformative products and coaching services, books and talks instrumental for awakening the radiance and power of women’s true beauty and their ability to achieve their soul-centered calling.  

Her passion and commitment to inspire the lives of women came from her own transformational heartbreak. Rising from a startling diagnosis of breast cancer followed by a painful divorce, Christine has gained a depth of understanding about The Power of Radiant Achievement™.  She’s found that the ways women interpret their gifts, talents and unique qualities directly impacts their ability to manifest a purposeful and empowered life and lifestyle.

As a visionary entrepreneur and certified life success coach, Christine has dedicated nearly two decades guiding her clients to quickly dissolve patterns and habits that block their ability to create a life of grace and ease while achieving their highest professional dreams.

You can learn more about her products at www.MantraMindsetMoments.com

“I believe more than ever before the true beauty and radiant creative 

power of women has been under-estimated and has gone unappreciated.  

It’s our time to act upon our soul-centered calling.”

~ Christine Howard


About Christine Howard


Leadership + Lifestyle Coach



passionate about supporting you

to achieve your

soul centered calling!

"Chris is caring and helpful.  Also very functional and focused.  I would recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for extra help setting up and living the life they want."                                       

                                                                - Scott, CA

"Thank you for your amazing Radiant Achievement VIP program. My expectations were exceeded! I was able to move past roadblocks that I have been holding on to for way too long.  You helped me to find my own power and gave me a doable plan of action."                                                                                                    - Heather, CA