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The Talk of San Diego Interview

Christine has been interviewed and spoken on topics related to Women, Empowerment, Lifestyle, Change, Entrepreneurship, and Radiant Achievement.

Appearances, interviews, and talks include:​​
- Amazing Woman Nation GET IT DONE series, May 2020
- On The Edge with April Mahoney Podcast, April 2020
- Baby Steps for Big Impact Group Presentation, April 2020

- Jackie Simmons Podcast, March 2020
- Lead LIVE interview, March 2020
- The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Summit with Jody Maley, March 2020
- From Betrayal to Breakthrough with Dr. Debi Silber Podcast, February 2020
- The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Summit with Jody Maley, Fall 2019

- Jacqueline Bombeck, Summit Series 2019

- Margaux Joiner Podcast, March 2019

- Lisa Berry Podcast, March 2019

- Voices of Courage Radio Show, Feb. 2019 

​The Alyssa B. Jackson Podcast "Quitters", 2018 ​

- The Talk of San Diego - Gift-Giving That Transforms (Interview with Nadirah Bray in 2018):

- Self-Love Sisterhood (FB group hosted by Jennifer  Escalera 2018) 

- Female Fat-Loss Summit (hosted by Kellee Rutley)

- Your Wealth Hour (hosted by Ryan White and Karen

  Kaseno, ESPN 1700 AM Radio) 

- 30 Minute Mom (TV Channel 6 News Segment 2001)