If you desire to live a fuller life and become your most radiant self, please contact me today! This is your one life!   

Illumination Session:

In this private 90-minute session Christine will guide you through a 3 Step Illumination Process that supports you to bring to light what you most desire to achieve, the blocks that prevent forward movement, and the next steps to move into Radiant Achievement.


Radiance Awakened 7-Week Program - 

Embody The Powers of  Radiant Achievement: 

In this small group program you will learn, practice and implement the Powers of Radiant Achievement.  Going beyond theory, you will learn and begin to embody these innate powers and apply them to your life and your dreams. 

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VIP Radiant Achievement Day:                  

An uplifting, energizing, empowering deep dive into the powers of radiant achievement.  In this full day all about you, we will evaluate your life and your dreams from a new perspective.      You will end the day with deeper love and appreciation for your true beauty.  You will have renewed commitment to create a life you desire and you will have an inspiring guide to help you take the first steps.

1-on-1 Radiant Achievement Introduction:
Eight week transformational coaching program to support you in understanding the Powers of Radiant Achievement and how you can apply them to your most important goals and dreams.

​1-on-1 Radiant Achievement Transformation:
Six month deep dive transformational coaching program to support you in applying and integrating the Powers of Radiant Achievement to your deepest callings and all areas of your life.

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